New beginnings #9: What would you do?

I’m in need of building a portfolio of cakes to show people but to do this I’m having to make lots of cakes and my families getting fed up of eating them as you would lol
I had and idea of getting together the cakes I want to make and offering them to people in the new year for a one off £20 charge. Ok I know this will probably just cover the ingredients cost but I thought it would kill 2 birds with 1 stone. A: it gets my cake baked and photo taken and B: more people will get to see them which means more word if mouth.
Any views let me know :-) thanks in advance

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Let the cakey adventure begin :-)

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Michal Bulla ...

I think it’s a great marketing idea ;)

Calli Creations ...

I know how you feel as I was the same when I started 3 years ago and looking for excuses to do cakes… I used to do for free for people’s offices as well… it took me around 18 months of doing this to build up a portfolio. The other idea is to use cake dummies… they are cheap to buy. I agree with Michal, your marketing idea is a great one… Good luck, I can see you are passionate about doing this wonderful craft :)

Calli Creations ...

then there are local charities as well that always appreciate these for fund raising for special needs.. that is a win-win situation as you get to do a cake and the charities gain funding from your efforts… much pleasure derived from these. xx

Kirstie's cakes ...

Hi callicious thanks for your comments and advise. I put a status on my facebook and its gone mad :-) I think I’m going to have portfolio finished by February lol lots of new cake ideas in my head now and lots of planning.
I have also taken your advice and contacted local charities around area letting them know if they have a raffle /coffee morning etc to send me a msg and i’ll gladly make a cake free of charge for them.

Calli Creations ...

That’s great news and so pleased you have had a great response!!! you have the right mind set, passion and approach and sure you will go far… just remember from acorns come oak trees… small beginnings ….. good luck xx