New beginnings #8: Busy busy busy!

Well been upto my eyes in it this last week.
I did go Xmas shopping and landed in tkmax to my joy I found had a cakey dept :-) I ended up with a blow torch, train cake mould, nice decorative cake stand, and loads more for 1/2 the price (I did also get some Xmas presents for people lol)
I also got 1/2 my Xmas present form my mum a new mixer and its fab as it is a stand one that can detach as well 390w a lot better than my 120w hand mixer.
I’m entering a Xmas cake comp so been busy trying to design and test that, got to have it finished for Sunday. It’s including isomalt, Sugarveil, airbrush everything :-) ill post a picture when I’ve done.
I had told Santa I’d like a cricut mini but didn’t have the money till they appeared on create and craft for £100 also 2 separate cartridges for £30 together so that was my other half of Xmas present off my mum and mother in law I carnt wait for it to arrive next week.
I also get to use my house mould next week as got to make x3 for the teachers at school for presents so that should be fun :-) found some brilliant cello bags on eBay that will fit a cake board in and tie making presentation even better :-)
I’ve designed my husbands birthday cake too, well it’s not a cake it’s a giant cookie in the shape of keyboard and monitor as he doesn’t eat cake photo to follow.
As you can tell I’m going to have a busy weekend and its not all going to go to plan but that’s half the fun when I finally finish and it looks good.
Happy weekend fellow bakers have a good one :-)

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Let the cakey adventure begin :-)

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Michal Bulla ...

Happy weekend and good luck with all the husbands cake ;)