Cakes Decor gazette: Issue 6.05 / May 2017

A huge apology too everyone for getting the Gazette out so late this month I had unexpected computer issues while I was travelling this month which made things almost impossible.

April was once again a full on month for totally gorgeous cakes as you can tell by the May cover and the gorgeous Prince tribute cake that was done by the amazing Catalina Anghel azúcar’arte. Laura Loukaides shares her delicious Vanilla recipe with us as well as a brilliant Tube Embroidery Tutorial by Natasha Shomali that is a must try!

If you have not already read my interview with the uber talented Nadia Flecha Guazo it is a must read she is such a doll and her work takes my breath away with each and every piece she creates. There is also a great line up of amazing collaborations all with simply stunning pieces that should not be missed.

I am also going to add my piece on SOFLO Miami that some how got lost on my computer while travelling so as you too can see some of the amazing pieces that were in the competition like pieces from our gorgeous Cecile Beaud and Sachiko Winbiel. All the classes this year were simply incredible with students really enjoying the time they had to learn and shopping at hundreds of amazing cake supply booths.

I look forward to bringing you more cake news in June but for now have an amazing last few days of May. Big hugs, Shags xo

In This Issue
CakesDecor Rising Star: Ever After
Vanilla Cake Recipe
Editors choice
Tube Embroidery Tutorial
collaboration station
Monthly Top 5 Cakes
Cake decorator of the week
Interview with Nadia Flecha Guazo of Chokolate

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Big hugs to you too, Sharon, and thank you for another interesting Gazette! ^^

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