Base Ball Cap Cake

This is my husband’s Birthday cake. Yes, he is a big fan of the New York Yankees.

As always I took progress pictures for my blog and then decided that it would be best to make a video…
So here’s the video.

Here’s the cut cake.

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Laurie ...

HI! I love your baseball cake hat and thanks so much for the tutorial. I think I’m going to be needing it next year. I was wondering why the hat is so shiny and the brim is not. THANKS

Veena Azmanov ...

FlattCatt. Thanks

I did not do anything to make the cap shiny. I would have preferred it would not be shiny but the weather was hot and rainy hence the condensation made it so shiny. I should have taken the picture later when the condensation dried off but I also had to cook dinner for 15. Knew I’d forget — and indeed forgot to take another picture later.

The picture of the cut cake is not so shiny as you can see. Fondant reacts to the weather so ….. lol

Laurie ...

Yes, I can see in the last pic. that it’s not so shiny. :-) I’ll have to check out your blog for that cake recipe :-) Thanks again!