New beginnings #7: Hmmm not going well

This morning and afternoon went well got everything cakey I needed to finished.
The disaster came when I started again at tea time. Note to self don’t bake when rushing! Plan and take time.
I needed to carve a small triangle cake, lets just say it was more like a ski slope :-(
So decided to try again in the giant cup cake lid hmmm think again it didn’t rise :-( all didn’t fail though I cut the shape I needed and stuffed the left overs into the middle and it set BONUS!
Second disaster was sugarveil I don’t know if it was out of date but something isn’t right about it so just hope it sets I suppose time will tell roll on the morning :-)
Third disaster was icing good job it was just a practice, I needed to colour some icing (never done my own before ) the colour went perfect it all blended perfect it was when I came to roll it out, it all split when I tried putting it on my cake I think I had worked it too soft so next time I will chill before I roll and maybe do it thicker.
All in all a learning curve today it’s all the fun and at least I know for next time.

Let the cakey adventure begin :-)

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