Rustic Ruffle cake

Is there anyway to do this cake in buttercream? I have a bride looking at cake designs. She is in love with this design. Thank you.

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June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

This is something similar. Use tip 104 and pipe upwards. There’s lots of tutorials on YouTube.
Hope this helps.

Laura ...

thank you :) I did see this tutorial on you tube :)

MsGF ...

You can make this in buttercream. Use a large rose/petal tip. Maybe a Wilton 123 that would allow the top edge to be away from the cake more. Or try a Wilton 124, 125, or 127 for a wider band. Depends how wide you want the bands to be.

i would practice on a dummy and see which you like best.

Hope that helps.

Laura ...

thank you I will be giving the Wilton tips a try later this week :)