Really pleased with the results of our new Cakes-Away postable cupcake box


We are chuffed with the response from our customers with the Cakes-Away postable box. Had some lovely images posted on FB and twitter of results.

The box has been extensively tested by us and we know it works – there are just two simple things that need to be right.

1. The cupcakes the right size for the box – which is why we have provided the cases with the boxes.

2. The icing needs to adhere to the cupcakes.

Its as easy as that. Our design means that if you have followed the instructions the cupcakes sit in place and are held there by the rim of the inner dome that protects the cakes from movement and crushing. If a cupcake is too small it will move in transit. Its really exciting the responses as it now means that cupcakes makers everywhere can send their cakes.

During the trials we sent numerous boxes long distance and to ourselves. Sad as it is even when you know cupcakes are due to arrive it still gives us a buzz and a much needed boost as they tend to arrive just in time for coffee break along with the post. Image if they were a surprise delivery !!

Happy baking everyone and posting come to that : ) Feedback always welcome.


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