CakesDecor Christmas Wish List

Have you been nice this year and you don’t know what to wish for Christmas? Here are few examples for the inspiration provided by Raewyn….enjoy!

1.Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer KSM150 – Do I really need to say why you want to find one of these babies in your stocking? Although you may need a bigger stocking ;)

2. Canon EOS 1100D DSLR Camera – Why take crappy pictures of all that hard work? Your pics will look like a professional took them with a camera like this!

3. Agbay – Perfect for those cashed-up Santa’s

4. LARGE Cake Leveller and Slicer – Santa can’t stretch it to an Agbay? This cake leveller is fantastic, and it only cost me $30!! I love it and it saves me so much time and effort…I might just marry it! :)

5. Cricut Cake – I know you say they’re cheating…I know you say they’re too had to use….I know you really want one ;)

6. Edible Image Printer – Tired of paying ridiculous prices for those amazing Embossed sheets? Here’s your answer….

7. Iwata Ninja Airbrush – Oooh! I need this little cutie in my arsenal…oh the things we could do :)

8. Sugarcraft Fondant Extruder Gun – I tried the others and finally splashed out the $85AUS for this one and I LOVE it!!!

9. FMM Fondant Ribbon Cutter – Loving all those striped cake tiers?? Create them in record time with this indispensable little beauty. This is such a bargain, you can call it stocking filler!

10. PME Tilting Turntable – No more balancing your fragile work on top of empty fondant containers and bending your back and neck into painful angles…hey Mr CakesbyRaewyn…I mean Santa…I hope you’re reading this ;)

Thank you Raewyn for creating the list, you’re the best ;).

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Michal Bulla ...

Feel free to share your wishlists on your blogs as well ;)

Kirstie's cakes ...

Kitchen aid,canon and cricut yes please :-)

Raewyn Read Cake Design ...

Thanks Michal, it was my pleasure! I might share it on Hubby’s Facebook page ;)
I would like to point out that the sad, flat cake and grubby hands in the photo of the cake levelled are not mine Haha! :) xx

Bliss Pastry ...

Well I will once again have cake equipment on my wish list however be warned that my husband has consistently refused to buy any of it and has gotten me a purse the last two years. If I get another one there will be a tantrum thrown. :o) All I am asking for is a light for taking indoor photos. I am not greedy. Haha!

Peggy Does Cake ...

Cake and cookie (etc.) decorators are the easiest people in the world to buy gifts for! Not only do we not think kitchen and baking items aren’t sexist, we’d actually rather have them than most gifts. I never ask for jewelry; just give me an airbrush and we’ll call it a day. ;)

Calli Creations ...

OH boy I could sure do with that cake leveller and PME tilting board… the Cake tools are an ongoing process of needs :)

Madamegateau ...

A new camera would be nice :)
I do recommand the sugarcraft gun and the ribbon cutter, I use them almost on every cake and can’t do with out anymore

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal ...

Well can I have one of each please? Please? LOL
Ok! I don´t need the camera…But one of the others…please? LOL

LayersandCrumbs ...

a new cricut cake will be amazing ^_*

Karla (Sweet K) ...

I want all these beautiful things!! I prefer cricut cake and kitchenaid :)

Fifi's Cakes ...

ooooh I have that turntable and it’s brilliant! Dear Santa, please may I have the camera? xx

Joyliciouscakes ...

Dear Santa, I would wish for an Airbrush … That would be so wonderful :)