How to create Polaroid Cookies

Nothing beats receiving a gift that’s been baked with love!
This is my first ever tutorial and I’ll show you just how easy they are to make…Enjoy!

What you need:
- Approx. 200g white fondant
- Corn or sugar syrup
- Cornflour
- Ruler
- Scissors
- Small sharp knife
- Rolling pin
- Pastry brush
- Unused paint brush

Edible Image (9cm x 9cm square)
It’s always best to have the measurements of your image(s) formatted to size before you send it off for printing. This saves you on having to measure them after it’s been printed and limits any errors.
Unless you already own a printer that is used solely for printing edible images, most places only offer printing on A4 size – so the good news is that you will be able to get a few different photos on the page (all depending on how well you can arrange them!)

STEP TWO: Use any of your favourite cookie recipe (preferably one that does not shrink or expand) and before you whack it in the oven, make sure that it’s been cut to size: H11.5cm x W10cm

Lightly dust your working surface with a little bit of cornflour and roll your fondant with a rolling pin, to about 2mm thickness. Then measure and cut the fondant to approx. the same size as the cookie

TIP: re-measure the baked cookie before you cut the fondant as the cookie may have shrunk or expanded during baking.

Now you have to cut out a ‘window’ for the image. Note that the size of the window will need to be smaller than the image. My window size here is 8.5cm x 8.5cm square (image 1)

After the window has been scored through the fondant, use either the knife or spatula to lift out the square fondant (image 2)

Then cover the fondant frame with some cling to stop it from drying out.

After cutting out your edible image, lightly brush the middle surface of your cookie with some corn or sugar syrup and carefully place the edible image on top. You want to lay the image, centred and approx. 5mm from the top edge of the cookie.

Next, carefully lift the fondant frame on top of the image. Note: the fondant is a little delicate to handle here because it’s been cut out in the middle. To avoid the thinner top and side frames from stretching, I laid down the thicker bottom fondant first, then readjusted sides to fit over the image. Once you’re happy with the positioning of the frame (with your paint brush), lightly ‘glue’ the fondant to the cookie with a bit of water.

AND THAT’S IT! Too easy right?!! I told you so :)

The best thing about making these polaroid cookies is that they make such great gifts for any occasion! Package them up with some tissue paper and pretty ribbon and ta-dah!
(Btw, how adorable our my little rugrats! Love them!)

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