New beginnings #5: Not enough hours!

Well not had a productive day which is so frustrating :-( there are just not enough hours in the day.
Managed to do some cakey research on my phone though :-)
I’ve seen a fab recipe for elf biscuits on the pink whisk website and I have everything in already to make them, so that’s my AM plan make them for the school Xmas fair :-)
I also need to ice my cake, don’t know how that will turn out I’ve never coloured icing before :-/ I can have a practice and if all else fails get the airbrush out I know that’s simple :-)
I’ve decided for Xmas I am going to treat myself to a new mixer :-) at the moment I’m using a hand mixer 120w that Cost a grand total of £8 from morrisons about 5 year ago lol "dont laugh! " it’s been fine for making buns and small things over the years but now I think I have proved an upgrade will get used.
I’d love a kitchen aid but sadley I have to eat each week so that’s out of my budget I have seen a dualit hand mixer I’d like but also want one with a bowl and large paddle attachment but that’s another days hunting

Tags: elf dualit mixer icing airbrush

Let the cakey adventure begin :-)

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