New beginnings #3: Dinky doodle airbrush

Now I’ve already told you I’ve become a shopaholic at thecakedecoratingcompany and this was another buy. A dinky doodle pink airbrush and colours :-)
It arrived and it was like Xmas I just wanted to use it but then I read I needed cleaning liquid for it :-( I didn’t want to mess it up so I waited.
The time came when I had chance to use it. I had decided to test my Wilton giant cupcake mould with my 6 year old.
I covered the base of the cake in white icing and set to work spraying it yellow.
How fab brilliant and easy to do and I was happy with the results, it was that simple my daughter was even doing it.
We carried on by cutting some flowers hearts and butterflies out of white icing and spraying these too.
The colours were perfect but I forgot to test the shellac on it so must do again soon :-)
The cleaner worked fine too there wasn’t really instructions on the bottle so I mixed a squirt with hot water and sprayed it through also wiped it around the cup with a cotton bud ( I had to have it as new ready to play next time)
I have a big project in mind for my next spray fest so watch this space) I have to say I’ve found it slit easier to use than I expected and brilliant if you don’t want to make aload of different coloured icing up.

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Let the cakey adventure begin :-)

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