videos #1: how to assemble a large "exploded" flower on a tiered cake

I did a video showing how to assemble the large flowers that use a center and extra petals around it. Since I have another one to make this weekend I thought I’d share the link.

This style of cake looks best when the tiers are taller and closer in size to each other, rather than more of a pyramid shape. For example, a 5-7-9-11 will look better than a 5-8-11-14. The taller tiers make it easier to apply the flower petals in a flatter shape and make it look better.

One thing I didn’t mention in the video is that you can insert some of the petals backwards to fill in spaces at the edge of tiers. It isn’t noticeable when you look at the flower, but it helps the petals to fit around the edges of the tiers better.

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