Jake and the Neverland pirate cake

Wow I had so much fun with this cake! I got to use Rita. Rita’s airbrush who I asked my page likers to recommend names. Rita was suggested and since I love Harry Potter, the first image that shot into my head when I saw the Name, was Rita Skeeter’s magic pen! So now my trusty new pal is called Rita and I love her!

I was a little scared of using the airbrush but it was actually quite easy! Much easier than the one I tried at CI which I now think has been adapted and is over complicated! For example, I’m a bit dippy.i’ll admit it because I know I am, and the airbrush I tried at CI, I had to push the button down as well as slide it to adjust the amount of paint released. Now, my mind can cope with point and shoot, it can cope with sliding the button but could it heck get all three at once! Then I thought that not only would I have to do this, but concentrate on decorating a cake! Rita was bought at CI, but was roughly £70 cheaper than the one I’d tried out. With birthday money in hand, it was mine!

So this cake was the second cake ordered for little Frankie, the first being his Blessing cake. I love the fact that this customer trusts me and kept saying “I know whatever you do will be perfect.” This really put the pressure on and I knew I had to give Frankie a birthday cake worth remembering – it’s such a special cake is a 1st!

Initially it was going to be a simple Tan coloured cake with a pirate on top and Piratey things dotted around. Then his mum told me he liked Jake and The Neverland Pirates with his favourite characters being the crocodile and Scully bird. In ,y head I imagined how this cake was going to look and I’m thrilled to say it’s pretty much turned out as I envisaged :) I love it but mainly because I got to put my artistic skills to good use :D now I just need a decent set of sable brushes because I fancy trying my hand at cake painting xx

Carrie from https://www.facebook.com/sugarmummycupcakes


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Michal Bulla ...

I assume this is the cake you are talking about:

Click for details

I think you did a great job ;)

Carrie ...

Ha ha! Yep, that’s the one! It would help if I referenced it in some way wouldn’t it? :D

Thank you very much Michal. I got to play with Rita again today but not as impressed with this newest make! Will be putting it up tomorrow! All I’ll say is I need more practice at sculpted cakes! :D