Transfer printed images directly onto fondant and other surfaces

Sharing an exciting new technique I came up with to transfer printed images straight onto fondant or other smooth surfaces! Best thing is that you can use it on curved as well as flat surfaces! If you think it’s cool, please “LIKE” and “SHARE” it with all your cake pals too! Let me know if you discover other new and exciting uses for this technique! Enjoy!

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Chef Nicky - The White Ombre (Singapore) - -


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Crisca70 ...


CakesWorth ...

Great idea, will try this. Thank you. x

Elli Warren ...

Fabulous tutorial! Thank you for sharing!! :-) x

Pepper Posh - Carla Rodrigues ...


BunnyBakes ...

Liked and shared on fb. Thanks so much!

Roo's Little Cake Parlour ...

Must try this out, thanks for sharing the idea. Just worried about my tech skills, or lack of to be precise, in making the mirror image.

Art ...

I have to do a takeaway coffee cup cake. The cup has textured straight lines on it. Can I paste edible sheet on fondant with textured lines in it?!? I have no idea how it’s gonna work. I’m sending the image of the cup I’m going to make. Please help me out here.