What a difference a week makes!

Wowsers! This past week has been fab! Not only have I got a brand logo which I absolutely love to bits, but some swanky double sided business cards and compliment slips <3 business stationery! I also have my .co.uk and .com domains with the view to have a website up and running early 2013.

I feel like I have an actual business and once again feel like a rabbit in the headlights’ like I did almost 12 months ago when I was propelled into this lovely, fluffy cakey world. Bring it on I say, because I’m sure I’m ready for it :D

Signing off, one very happy Sugar Mummy Cupcakes :D xxx

Carrie from https://www.facebook.com/sugarmummycupcakes


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Michal Bulla ...

Congrats, your logo looks great ;)