Cute Snowman Tutorial

Step by step tutorial to create this cute snowman :)*

1. What you will need:-

White Modelling Paste
Blue Modelling Paste (or colour of your choice)
Black Modelling Paste
Orange Modelling Paste
Rolling Pin
Edible Glue & Paintbrush
Ball Tool
Dresden Tool
Craft Knife
Pink Blossom Tint & Dusting Brush
Piping Nozzle
Dried Spaghetti

2. Begin by rolling a ball of white MP for the lower part of the body, press down slightly to form more of an oval shape

3. Roll a second ball for the middle part of the body, this should be a little smaller than the first

4. Stick to the bottom part of the snowman with a little edible glue, pressing down slightly to give more of an oval shape

5. Thread a piece of dried spaghetti through the centre of the body, leaving enough showing for the head

6. Roll a third ball of white MP for the head and attach to the body with a little edible glue

7. Using the piping nozzle, press gently into the face to form a mouth

8. Using the small end of the ball tool, press gently into either side of the mouth to add a little more character

9. Roll a small cone of orange MP for the nose and cut off the end to give a straight edge for applying to the face

10. Attach the nose to the face with a little edible glue. You will also see here that I have made 3 small marks to the outer side of each eye using a dresden tool (you could also use a sharp knife)

11. Roll two small balls of black MP and attach to the face for the eyes with a little edible glue

12. Roll a sausage shape from white MP, and cut two arms to size

13. Flatten one end of the arms and round slightly to neaten

14. Slightly flatten the other end of each arm. Using a craft knife or sharp knife cut a triangle from each hand to form the thumbs. Roll the thumb gently between your fingers to round off

15. Attach the arms to the body with edible glue

16. Roll a fairly long strip of blue MP for the scarf (around 2mm thick)

17. Fold the edge of the scarf, the side of the scarf that will be seen on the snowman should now be face down

18. Turn the scarf the right side up…

19. Bring both sides of the scarf together

20. Gently fold over the edge of the scarf that we didn’t originally fold. The aim is to produce a pleated effect (Please excuse the cracking here, my paste was a little dry. If this happens, a small amount of white vegetable fat can be kneaded in to bring it back to life)

21. Use the craft knife to cut through each end of the scarf

22. Attach the scarf around the snowmans neck with edible glue

23. Take a little more blue MP and form a shape like this for the hat

24. Using your finger and thumb, pinch down around the edges….

25. The inside of the hat should look something like this

26. Attach the hat to the head with edible glue

27. Roll some more blue MP and cut a strip to go around the hat. CHeck against the hat for size and cut down to suit. Using your craft knife, gently mark lines all the way along

28. Attach the strip around the bottom of the hat with edible glue. Finish the snowman by adding a small ball of blue MP for the ‘bobble’ and dust the cheeks with a little pink blossom tint. Voila! Your snowman is complete ♥

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Toni (White Crafty Cakes) ...

Thank you for this great tutorial! He is adorable!!

Let's Eat Cake ...

No problem, and thank you!x

Raewyn Read Cake Design ...

Very cute! Thanks for sharing :) x

Adéla ...

Thanks for sharing – I will try to do the snowman in few days.. :-)

Let's Eat Cake ...

No problem at all Raewyn and Adela. Would love to hear how you get on Adela :)

Liz ...

He’s adorable…thank you !

KatriensCakes ...

So cute and adorable, thank you for sharing!

Anita ...

I loved this tutorial. He is so cute. I’ll be making these for the little ones this Christmas. Thank you so much.