What a month!!!!

I am one very lucky lady indeedy!

In the past month I turned 30! I was bricking it but it turned out to be the loveliest birthday I’ve ever had! I made my own 3 tier chocolate cake, covered in chocolate :D each tier represented a decade of my life and the cake was adorned with photos from my birth to now :D I loved making every bit of it, though choosing who to cut through or eat was a weird feeling!

I took some time out of caking, just to take it all in and enjoy the holidays with my boys. Last week I was lucky enough to take a girls road trip to the Cake International show at Birmingham NEC. It was amazing! The talent under that roof was phenomenal! I loved perusing the competition entries and the young ‘uns were fab! I’d love for my eldest to enter a comp one year – maybe then I’ll have the guts to too :D

Today I had a wedding consultation with a lovely couple. Alexis, who I met at Uni, and her fiancé Mike, are marrying in July and have chosen a three tier lemon sponge cake decorated in a pale green with ivory pearls and ribbon trim. I am so excited and can’t wait to do them a little taster cake – a miniature cake decorated in the same fashion as their wedding cake.

Out the door today went a ‘Tangled’ inspired birthday cake. I need to learn when to stop adding detail, but I just can’t! It’s as though it wouldn’t have been finished if I hadn’t out an extra flower here or drawn more vines there!! I love adding all the finer details that just add that little bit extra <3 caking!!!

Well folks, that’s me for the next 36 days ;) said I’m useless at this kind of stuff but now with a shiny new iPad, I might find it a little easier to keep up with this blog.

Take care and happy caking xxx

Carrie from https://www.facebook.com/sugarmummycupcakes


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Michal Bulla ...

Happy 30th birthday – I like the cake you did for yourself ;)

Carrie ...

Thank you Michal xx I loved making that cake. Because it was for me, it didn’t have to be perfect, just so or to anybody’s spec but mine! I could do exactly what I wanted, and I did :D when it was covered in its first layer of chocolate it smelt so good. Too good to resist-I decided a bit at he front was no longer required since it would be covered by more choc and a photo, so had a sneaky taster :D I’d never dream of doing that with a customers cake, despite how tempting it may be, but felt quite liberating doing it to mine!