Lesson learned

It’s not going well his week.. After being told my Christmas cake wasn’t worth the money I have now been let down by someone who booked a cake for next week. I had got all the bits and pieces ready as my father has an operation tomorrow. She now doesn’t ‘need’ the cake!

Must start asking for deposits!!

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Karen's Kakery ...

I’m just starting out selling my cakes, so I understand your frustration.
But you have the right attitude in taking it as a learning.
It’s hard to charge a fair price when some people expect a “one off” at the same price as a supermarket.
But if they want something that’s not mass produced they will pay the price.
There will always be time wasters, but mabe you could make the cake and freeze it ready to finish for your next order and put this week down as history.
Good luck and hope you have a good week next week x

Happy ...

I told myself I would start having cakes paid for upfront the first time that happened to me. I was lucky to make it 2 years without it happening, but eventually it did. I now have all cakes under $200 paid upfront when booking. Higher priced cakes I take a 50% deposit on and the rest is due 2 weeks before the date. I have most of my customers pay through my SquareUp account. Easy as pie! Or should I say cake! It really takes the hassle out of worrying about your money. Good luck to you!

Susan Thompson ...

was it the penguins and snowflake in photo? thats a great cake!

Kerry ...

Hi, it was :( I thought it was lovely too.. Thank you :) :)