Nervous about a cake order....

I got a cake order coming up that im extremely nervous about. Its for a 3 tier cake to feed about 90 people. She told all her guests coming its going to be the best cake they ever had! OMG im freaking out…ive never had a complaint or anything about my cakes but that just puts so much pressure on me and makes me doubt myself. Now i feel like ive been set up for greatness or failure and not knowing what to do if she doesn’t like the cake. :/



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Helen Ward ...

Your cakes look amazing, you’ll be fine!!! I know how you feel though….I started all over again on a cake at the weekend because I didn’t get the fondant smooth enough! I was nervous because the customer had ordered from quite some distance away after finding me on the internet and had paid such huge compliments that I felt as if I had to live up to their expectations. Looking forward to seeing the pictures!!

Hanan George Jiries ...

I am new on this website and having looked at your previous work, you should not worry about your talent. You are just eager to make the best work ever. Take your time and plan well ahead in advance before you embark on anything. planning and preparations even if they take a long time, it wills save you mistakes and no so perfect job. Good luck and looking forward to seeing the finished result.

Raewyn Read Cake Design ...

Believe in yourself…your Bride clearly does. You will do a wonderful job :) x