The morning sickness baker

I have recently become pregnant and suffer from morning sickness all day and relief EVER!! To make it worse certain smells really set it off and unfortunately one of those smells are cakes… haha probably not a great combo for me at the moment… Has anyone else got through this obstacle??? I would love to know what you did..all tips are appreciated.

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Susan, Adelaide,


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itsacake ...

I had the exact same thing! Felt like it would never end…just so unrelenting! Just on cakes as well, not too sure why but its not fun :-( I was just baking for friends and family at the time so I only did one or two during that time, plenty of tonic water helped me. Sorry not better advice, hope it clears sooner rather than later for you x

Susan Johnson ...

I have been lucky that so far i have been able to sleep in most days and then start on the cakes late at night.. the rest and the late starts help but i always get a lot worse before i get better so here is hoping all goes well..thank u for your advice tho.. ill give it a try

Valley Kool Cakes (well half of it~Tara) ...

Congrats! With my last baby I was the same way, I had to get my husband to help me A LOT with my cakes but I eventually just stopped doing them until after the baby was born, I just couldn’t stomach it, and then being tired on top of it…. I found sour things helped a bit, but nothing offset the smells…. Good luck, I hope it ends sooner for you, I know personally it lasted my whole pregnancy.

jenny buss ...

aaawww hunni I feel yopur pain with all four of my babies i had terrible morning sickness all day and all night !
I found not to have your stomach empty at all helped eat little and often small meals snacks ..listen to what your body is telling you it wants if ou want choclate covered pickled onions go for it lol
eat when you want not when you think you should ie breakfast lunch and dinner times !
rest plenty and drink plenty …ginger also helped but to be honest every preganancy is different from the other.
good luck and hopefully it willease as he pregnancy progresses !… being sick is a sign of a healthy pregnancy hunni x