Crumbs in the Bakeroom #6: What Fondant Taught Me About Teamwork

We have all gone through the hardship of kneading the perfectly smooth fondant, right?
Just this morning I got thinking of this analogy with regard to how fondant would behave depending on how you treat it.
We have all tried and tested a recipe or two until we got them tweaked to our version and somehow it just works for us.
The same way that one finds the well-jelled team. :)
Say your ingredients are your team members and the fondant that comes out of mixing these ingredients are also comparable to the performance of the team.
In the beginning, your ingredients don’t know each other. One may find the other too sweet, in case your cornstarch would talK to your confectioner’s sugar. Or one may find the other too thick and hard headed much like glucose compared to water.
But once you have given them time to get to know each other, Magic happens. :) marshmallow may be soft and fluffy on the inside but we know it keeps the rest of the ingredients together.
Given time and ample exposure to tension and trials, any team or set of ingredients can show the best it can.
How else can a humble cornstarch appear as a sugar sculpture but with the help of the sugars and Syrups?
Each team member can offer a vital contribution to the group’s performance and it is up to the nurturer of that team how the best can be extracted from them.

Cakes are meant to be eaten!!!

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