CakesDecor Quarterly Awards - Fall 2012 #2: Call for entries

Entry period of the CakesDecor Quarterly Awards – Fall 2012 is now officially open and will close on "October 24. There are 8 Cakes submitted alreadyclick here to see them all.

Here’s the theme again:


Angry Birds – Although they’re arguably the most famous birds in the world, they seem to be always angry. Yes, we’re talking about Angry Birds. Many of you have made at least one Angry Birds themed cake and if you haven’t, you definitely should. Be sure to submit your entry to our Awards for a chance to win great prizes.


Let’s submit more entries than last time.

Good luck!

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Susan Johnson ...

I have mine submitted (first entry i think hehe) i have no chance of winning as im new to all this and so many people do such amazing work but i feel excited just to be a part of it.. good luck to everyone else that has entered and will enter… let the games begin haha

Michal Bulla ...

Yes, yours was the first one. Good luck ;)

Susan Johnson ...

Hehe thanks Michal.. i sat there pressing refresh on the computer half the day because we must have a time difference.. im in Australia and the day was nearly over before i could enter.. as soon as it popped up i was on it haha… i really need to get a life