My first Car cake

Just finished my first car cake and it was a definite time consumer. I enjoyed making it though, the most challenging part of the cake had to be all the detail work. At first i was scared to carve this cake because ive never carved before and i thought of all the horrible things that could happen if i took to much cake off ! I wanted it to look like a model car so I had to keep that in mind. It took me 3 days to complete which is far too long but for my first one i wanted to go slow and see how it would turn out. Im glad I took the risk and made a car cake finally, I feel so much relief in carving now. Cant wait for my next one :)
Tip: I found a drawing of the car and printed it out for the shape that helped me get started.
And i looked at the photo constantly to make sure I had every detail i could possibly have.



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Susan maestas ...

It is scarey when it is your first time carving. I remember when I first started I heard a cake decorator say that she never doubts if she can do a cake or not. She just does them. I have taken her words to heart and I do the same thing. I never doubt if I can do it or not. I feel its just a cake and it can always be fixed. So congratulations on your first carved cake. Great Job!