my first Mask

i always wondered how to make a mask and tried it out came out pretty well and i am pleased hope you like it

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Que's Cakes


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miracletaz ...

Very nice!

Vanessa ...

Cute Idea!!

Roberta ...

Great. Thank you. .

dorie ...

I have a request for mask cupcake toppers, any ideas???? I love your mask, very nice. Thanks Dorie

Que's Cakes ...

Hi Dorie, thanks very much. You could use the same instructions with a smaller template and use something around the house to put it on to get the bent effect while drying to put on your cupcakes or a much easier option is to get a mask mould, i bought mine on ebay it came with 3 diffrenr sizes. Here is a picture of some cupcakes i did with the mask mould. hope this helps