Cake Business Book Giveaway #3: And The Winners Are ...

Woohoo, this was our most successful Giveaway – you posted 88 commnents, but only five of them could win. Here are the winning answers:

  1. America’s Sweetcakes – vde23
  2. Pastry Woman – cupadeecakes
  3. Notting Frill Cakes – missanthropist
  4. My Best Friend’s Wedding…Cake – Tziona
  5. Baking with the enemy – Leepea

Congratulations, you win a copy of Start A Cake Business From Home book.

Please send an email to Alison with your full name and postal address, and quote Cakes Decor competition. She will then get a book shipped out to each of the straight away.

I would like to thank to the author of the book – Alison Mcnicol and all of you, who joined our giveaway.

-- Michal, | My Facebook:

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gail ...


missanthropist ...

yay! :))

Stephanie Dill ...


Jenniffer White ...

Has anyone received their book yet? I was just thinking about it and realized I haven’t received mine yet. I guess it hasn’t been 3 weeks yet…

Michal Bulla ...

That’s a good question. Could you please all send me a message If you get it or not? I will then contact the author of the book to check what’s going on.

Jenniffer – you don’t need to send me a message anymore.