CakesDecor Gazette: Issue 3.08 / August 2014

Hello my Lovelies,

It was with immense sadness and reluctance that I have to tell you that this will be my last issue as Editor of the CakesDecor Gazette. I have made the very difficult decision to admit that I am spread a little too thin to be able to give The Gazette the time and attention it deserves.

I have taken great pride and joy in watching The Gazette grow and was thrilled to be there at it’s beginning. I will still be doing interviews with all your favourite Cake Decorators as I travel around teaching and attending shows. It actually takes quite a surprising amount of time every month and I felt that I was starting to let you all down with the amount and the quality of time I could commit to it lately. The only thing that makes this decision bearable is that I will be passing the baton to my very dear and gorgeous friend, Calli Hopper of Callicious Cakes.

I want to thank you all so much for being such a wonderful and receptive audience. I would also like to thank Michal and Martin for the amazing opportunity and lastly I want to thank my beautiful friend Calli…..I know you’re all in wonderful hands with such a special and talented Lady at the helm.

Have a wonderful month, and please say Hi if you see me somewhere around the world! ;)

Raewyn xx

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Raewyn, Sydney, Australia


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Michal Bulla ...

Thank you Raewyn for everything you did for our Gazette – we’ll miss your Editorials. On the other side, I’m really looking forward to our cooperation with our great friend Calli – I’m pretty sure she will be at least as great Editor as Rae was.

Good luck Calli ;)

Shawna McGreevy ...

Love you RAEEEE!!!!! And love you too, Calligirl!!!!! Xx

jchuck ...

Wonderful job you did Raewyn….tough decision….
Welcome Cali to your new post!!!
Nice to see a face to go with your name……pretty lady are you. :o)

Martin Sojka ...

Thank you Raewyn and Welcome Calli… we’re so lucky to have you both :)

Callicious Cakes ...

I have such BIG SHOES to fill my beautiful friend, Rae…… I will do my best to give the gazette the same magic that you did…. Will miss you, but sure looking forwards to giving you the biggest hug in November…
Many thanks for the good wishes all xxx I will do my best xxx
Michal, a special thanks for coming to me and asking me… Very honoured to be considered :)

Elli Warren ...

You did an amazing job Raewyn!! I loved reading your Gazette!! Congratulations on all your new ventures!! :-) x

Big congratulations Calli!! You will do an amazing job also, am really looking forward to read your gazette!!! Two extremely talented ladies indeed!!! :-) x
P.s Your photo is gorgeous!! :-) x

Jeanne Winslow ...

Raewyn, you did a wonderful job as editor – I wish you well in all new adventures and great success in all you do. :)
So very pleased to hear the baton is being passed to my lovely friend, Calli. You will be great at this! XXX

Callicious Cakes ...

Rae has set the standard and hope to keep that running … Thanks so much for your supporting words Eli and Jeannie xx

Violet - The Violet Cake Shop ...

Awww…sad to see you go but certainly an AWESOME choice as your replacement! Great to see all the success you have achieved and blessed to call you a friend!! Best of luck and enjoy your travels <3

The Enchanting Merchant Company ...

All the best for the future Raewyn, you will be missed but I look forward to seeing your new adventures via Facebook. Congratulations Call, CakesDecor made a brilliant choice on for their editor, looking forward to reading your features in the gazette xx

SugarMagicCakes (Christine) ...

Best wishes rae, and thanks for all your hard work. I love reading the gazette!
Congratulations Calli! Were in good hands xx

Paul Delaney of Delaneys cakes ...

WELL DONE RAEWYN ! Bring it on Calli.

Fancy Fondant WA ...

Raewyn, you did a great job and I know your decision cannot have been easy. I love your work and I hope that you really enjoy your next cakey adventure! Who better to put in your place than Calli? I love her work too and know that she will do a fantastic job, just like you have done. You both rock!

Raewyn Read - Cakes by Raewyn ...

Awwww! Thank you all so much….you made me a little bit teary….I’m such a sook! You’ll do an amazing job Calli! Can’t wait to see you in October! :) xxx <3

Callicious Cakes ...

Thanks so much for all the support as a newbie in my beautiful friend’s shoes… :) :) Rae can’t wait to see you hon xxxxx