My Cake Journey

Hi My Name is Wanda and I started Wandaful cakes 12 months ago. I have to say I have been making cakes on and off for family for at least 30 years…The odd birthday here and there for my children and close family, as you do. I was a chef in the Army, but my baking skills stem back to my lovely Nan and it is cakes and desserts that I love to create most. In her younger days my Nan cooked for the Gentry of her day. Hand wrote all her recipes in a little book, which I am now in possession of. A book that is very sacred to me and wrapped up to protect it. I did however copy her recipes so that I didn’t damage it’s fragile pages and some of her recipes I have tweaked to work with our modern day ingredients. I am self taught in decorating and love learning new skills.
After 15 years of being disabled from a car accident, a little heart scare when I reached 40 and after intense medical intervention I was able to start thinking about returning to work. I took up a position in my sisters company in sales and administration.
My real journey started 5 years ago after my sister asked me to make her wedding cake!! The picture she showed me, sent me into a cold panic. Flowers! I had never made them let alone worked with fondant and flower paste, In fact I had only ever worked with buttercream! But as my dear sister knew ….I love a challenge and so it began!

Then along came sister number 2 …and another wedding!

My daughter was next 3 years ago. This wasn’t my design, it was taken from a magazine but we changed the colours

After these wedding cakes, word started to spread and Wandaful cakes was created. I love seeing the reactions on peoples faces when they see their cakes. It is amazing that a cake can create such reactions and it is worth the late nights, the splitting fondant, drooping flowers and melting buttercream to see it. I have been asked to make some real creations and hope that as time goes on that I will improve in my ability.

I even made my own wedding cake, 8 months ago :-) !

These last two cakes are my recent wedding cakes and I am quite proud of them. Especially now that I look back to my first few.

There are so many talented cake designers on here and their creations leave me speechless and in complete awe of their work.

Thank you for taking the time to read my very first blog!

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Calli Creations ...

Wand a thanks so much for your touching story… Your creations are ao inspiring and you can see so clearly your passion and dedication, despite the obstacles you have had and ill health. You’ve overcome them and have so closely grown… The story of your gran’s recipe book is so touching and I had a granny that was a fab baker, especially her fruit cake and jam tarts… That’s why I love fruit cake so much.
Thanks for sharing your life behind cakes and look forwards to seeing much more from you. You’ve done so much in a short time xx

Mel_SugarandSpiceCakes ...

Lovely story Wanda – amazing things come out of challenges we face in life. Well done. Beautiful cakes.

SweetKOKEKO by Arantxa ...

Wanda, what an overcoming story! This kind of story shows us when someone has a passion there´s nothing can stop them. I´m so happy to read about you and your background, and is so great to see your evolution. It´s amazing. And you made your own wedding cake!! Wow!!! With all the wedding stress! How brave!
Well done!!! xxx

Chris Jones ...

What an inspiring story! thanks for sharing it and your talents with us:)

The Custom Cakery ...

Thanks for sharing your story Wanda, sounds like you’ve had to overcome a lot. Your cakes are beautiful!

Nom Nom Sweeties ...

What an amazing keepsake from your Nan. I have been hand writing a book for my children to have, and hopefully my future grandchildren.
Your cakes are so lovely, too. Thanks for sharing your story. <3

Zoe White ...

What a lovely story! your cakes are beautiful!!

Wanda55 ...

Thank you everyone. I feel very humbled by your lovely comments xx