Wedding #1: First wedding cake

I’m very excited! I just got hired to make my first wedding cake ever.

I was asked to make my cousin’s engagement party cake this past saturday. She liked it and that’s how she ended up asking me to make her upcoming wedding cake. I’m thrilled about it. I have about 6 months to get myself and my stuff together so I can do a great job for her.

I know this cake, if I can pull it off will open doors for me. So I’m starting to get ready now so when the time comes, I can do it right.

She already sent me a picture of what she’d like and it is buttercream. God knows buttercream isn’t my favorite to work with. But it’s not about me right. Not about me. And so far there are 140 people on the list. So this will be a pretty decent size cake

I know there are a lot of experienced cake decorators here. If you have any advice, tips you can share, I’ll greatly appreciate.

Wish me luck guys :-)

It's a sophisticated World!

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Donna Tokazowski- Cake Hatteras, Hatteras N.C. ...

I swear by Edna De La Cruz. She has many videos on youtube. Many of them are on the basic of cake decorating: mixing butter cream, icing a cake, leveling a cake, stacking… You have enough time, that you could learn what ever it is you need to do.
Edna De La Cruz’ youtube Channel:
My advice would be to research videos to learn the techniques you need and to practice, practice, practice!
You will need to learn how to stack correctly, if you are going to stack a wedding cake that will feed 140 people!
The other advice I would give is to keep your design simple.
If there mistakes in buttercream, you can simply rub them out with a viva paper towel (Viva Paper Towel Method) or you can always stick a flower where there is too bad of a flaw.
I admire your courage. Good Luck to you!

Sophisticated ...

Thanks for the advice. I have been watching Edna as well. So far I’ve learned a lot from her and I plan on learning more. Thanks for sharing the link.
Thank you Tokazodo!