My own wedding cake

Having just done a wedding cake for my friends, I was talking to my hubby about our wedding cake. We got married six and a half years ago, way before I got into cake decorating myself. I enjoyed baking and eating them though!
When it came to deciding on our cake our preference was for fruit and vanilla sponge and not too fussed about decoration, so we went for Marks and Spencer’s off the shelf plain white cakes and ordered additional cutting cakes. We then had our florist put together coordinating toppers. It was very pretty… But would I do things differently now?
I liked the fresh flowers but they dwarfed the cakes which also were feet apart because of the stand and so were hardly noticeable at all. I would have had much deeper cakes and covered cake boards and also a stacked cake rather than individual tiers.

So, what did you have and who else would do theirs differently and what would be your dream cake?
I’m still thinking about what mine would have been!
Something purple, classic but with a modern twist and flowers…

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L's Lindstroms Bakery ...

Very beautiful

Lisa Salerno ...

What a fun topic and a great excuse to get out my wedding album ! We were married just over eight years ago and had a cup cake tower and my lovely auntie pearl made a fruit cake ( my favourite ) with pictures of when we were little .
Now I would have a three tier cake with the bottom tier with a dark purple ruffle rose , the middle tier would be double barrelled chevrons in gold cream and purple and the top tier gold leaf !
I may now have to make this cake for our next anniversary !! Much love Lisa x

June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

Yes…fun topic. I was married 37 yrs ago and I had a rental dummy cake. Time and money constraints. Planed and executed my wedding in 12 weeks so my parents could be there. Bought fruit cake & wrapped to give away…which most of the Polish guests I know pitched. They didn’t know about the British tradition of placing the cake under your pillow… I made a 35th anniversary cake and posted here…that was my “make it up to me” cake… But if I could do a re-do…it would be 3 tier , in white & ivory fondant with lace accents, dusted in peal lustre dust, covered in a plethora of pearlized ivory gumpaste roses. :o)

inspiratacakes ...

Thank you for sharing ladies.
Lovely that your aunt made your cake Lisa and your do it again cake sounds great, you’ll have to make it some day!

JChuck, I haven’t heard of that tradition, sounds a bit messy to me! All of our fruit cake was eaten.. Especially the leftovers by my hubby who loves it!! Your anniversary cake is very pretty, congratulations on 35years! X

June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

thanks Lisa…coming up 37 yrs. this Oct…

Lisa Salerno ...

The tradition is if you are single and you place the fruit cake ( in a tissue or hankie ) under your pillow you will dream of your intended !

June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

Yes Lisa
Exactly…..just what my Scottish Mom told me when I was a little girl. :o)

inspiratacakes ...

I should tell my friend next wedding we go to.. She’s not keen on fruit cake so will be pleased to find a good use for it :-)