I need a Banana Cherry Cake Recipe!!!

Hi, bakers, if anyone has a cherry/banana cake recipe that you’d like to share, PLEASE, post it – you’ll be helping me out of a jam (no pun intended). I just got an order for a Mother’s Day cake and the client wants a white cake with a cherry-banana filling.

I’ve never done this combination – but I would think that a cherry filling is quite sweet and maybe a chocolate cake might be better… but since I’m not sure, I will welcome your recipes!

Thank you…

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caymancake ...

I recently posted an awesome banana cake recipe that I love to use. Maybe the client wanted something that reminds them of a banana split? I think the white cake with the banana cherry filling would probably have a similar taste. If you do that combo, I would do a triple layer cake (or torte the cake so that it could have two different fillings) – do one filling as a banana filling (maybe mix the banana with pudding or buttercream) and one filling as a cherry filling ( I would do something similar to the bananas and mix it with a buttercream or maybe use cherry preserves).

I don’t think that the chocolate would go with banana and cherry but that’s just my personal preference. I would do either the white cake with the fillings OR a banana cake with a cherry filling and vanilla icing. Maybe explain to the customer your concerns with the flavours if you’re still not sure about the flavour combo – or offer them a set choice to get the flavors (i.e. A or B) and the additional costs that might be associated with it (i.e. for an additional layer etc.).

I hope that was helpful and I didn’t confuse you more! If you need anymore help, I’m happy to help in whatever way I can!


Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

Thank you so much for your advice. I will speak to the client – I suggested doing a banana cake with a buttercream-cherry jam filling in between layers. I’m waiting to hear back. My big concern was using a cherry filling that would seep into the cake and make it mushy…

I’ll let you know what happens… many thanks! :))))

caymancake ...

I would use cherry preserves or cherry jam instead of a cherry pie type filling. I think that won’t seep into the cake too much. Use a recipe that is a little sturdier – that way it can stand up to jam filling. Keep us posted :).

Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

Will do… thanks!