Winter postbox

I started by baking two mini fruit cakes. These were 3" in diameter and baked in baked bean tins. The cakes were brandy fed and matured.
To construct the postbox the dome was removed from one of the cakes, the other cake was then stacked on top and a wooden skewer was inserted for support. The whole cake was then brushed with apricot glaze. Any holes left by missing fruit was filled with small pieces of marzipan.
Marzipan was rolled out and measured to size before the cake was rolled on top of it to cover the sizes.
A round cutter was checked for size before cutting a circle of marzipan to place on top.

To decorate red fondant icing was rolled out (to get the disorder colour I used a mixture of poppy red and red extra) and measured to size the marzipan was slightly dampened with cooled boiled water then the cake was rolled onto the icing.
Other detail was added as as in the pictures shown more/less details could be added as desired.
A circle of white fondant was used to create the look of snow on top of the postbox and was shaped to make it look like it was dripping down the sides of the postbox.
Hope that is quite self explanatory if you need any help give me a shout!

Here’s a link to the finished cake xx

Zoe, Zoepop's Cakes


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