Bubble guppies model

-i started off using some rice krispie treats to shape the head out as i knew with the hair this was going to be very top heavy!
-next i covered the rice krispie head with fondant coloured with a bit of paprika i added a nose and ears using my mini ball tool to add details.
-next add two small black balls and shape out the eyes then add the white then blue then black and then finally white dot for that glint, for the eyelashes and eyebrows i used my black edible pen.
-for the mouth i used a bit of black and just shaped that smile with my fingers then add a bit of white.
-for the hair i started off using a cone of yellow on the top and two on the sides i glued these on then roll out sausages of icing in differant thicknesses and length and build it up until the whole head is covered.
-for the tail i used orange modelling chocolate you can see from the picture how i shaped it
-again for the body i used modelling chocolate and then covered it in fondant i then added the bikini top.
-i attached the body to the tail and then added the arms just rolled out fondant.
- then add yellow spots to the tail and bikini top.
-i then attached her head

i hope this had made some sense! im sorry there are not more pics :)

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Xclusive ...

nice job, thanks for sharing…

Goreti ...

so cute

Elli Warren ...

Brilliant!! she’s so cute! thanks for sharing!! :-)

Nicole - Just For The Cake Of It ...

She’s adorable, great job!

Zoe White ...