CakesDecor Theme: Chocolate Cakes

If you’re on a low calorie diet, look away now because this week it’s all about CHOCOLATE!! We see so many new cakes on CakesDecor everyday, all beautifully finished in fondant, perfectly painted, seamlessly sculpted works of art, you all...

Miniature love heart in a plant pot video tutorial :)

Love heart pattern cake board video tutorial

CakesDecor Theme: Travel Inspired Cakes

This month, Cake Masters Magazine released an outstanding collection of work called “Around the world in 40 Cakes” – 40 artists from all over the world joined together to create some of the most incredible cakes all inspired by different...

'Sugar Free and Gluten Free' Coconut Cupcake with Avocado and Chocolate Topping

Coconut Cupcakes Ingredients: ½ cup – Coconut Flour ½ teaspoon – Baking Powder 4 large – Eggs 1/3 cup – Coconut Oil (warm the oil first until melted) ¼ cup – Rice Malt Syrup (or Honey if preferred) ¼ cup – Coconut Milk (or regular milk...

Decoration, figures, flowers #4: Elephant..

Decoration, figures, flowers #3: Snoopy..

Decoration, figures, flowers #5: Basket (stroller) for baby..

Decoration, figures, flowers #2: Bee Maja

Decoration, figures, flowers #1: Frog..