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RKT Rapunzel, a quick step by step

It’s been a really crazy busy weekend, and all I have been able to share is my RKT Rapunzel with you.

How to make a simple ornamental window

Here´s this week´s tutorial. It´s a very simple way to make an ornamental window for your castles, palaces or anything you want to use it for. We hope you enjoy it ;)

Tip on how to make a wire fence

We are late with our usual Sunday tutorial, it was a really busy weekend as we had organized our annual family and friend BBQ, but this time we had a contest to see who could make the best Spanish omelette!! Well at last we have the visual...

Tips on making basic facial features

Here’s our weekly serving of tips, and today we offer you our method that we call skinning.

Pictorial Step-by Step party bulldog

We want to share a tip every Sunday, so here’s this Sunday’s share! This is a pictorial step-by-step of a party bulldog carved cake. I hope it is useful xxx

How to make a nest - picture tutorial

This summer is making us a bit lazy hehe we´ve got lots of photos to post oh my :0 But as we promised…… Here´s this Sunday´s tutorial ;) Estamos un poco vagonetas este verano jeje tenemos muchas fotos que aún no hemos publicado :0 Pero como...

Tip on how to make the Golden Snitch Wings

For today´s step by step we need: - CARVING TOOLS - FLEXI-CARVE SILICONE CARVING PLATES - PENCIL - EXACTO CUTTER - MODELLING FONDANT - GOLD PIGMENT as you see easy peasy ;) ____________________________________________________ Para el...

Step -by-step pictures of making a train

I was asked how to make a train. I did this last year hope it’s useful. ;)

Step by step pictures of Walking Dead - Daryl cake

We have a step by step album of this cake on facebook if you want to see how it was made. “WALKING DEAD CAKE “:”;