Comment MUM... I LOVE YOU

Roos Simbula ...

Hi Ana. What an enormous heavy year you must have had, to lose both your best friend and your mum. I lost my dad 15 years ago and thank God that I still have my mother with me. I feel blessed because of that. There are two lessons I have learned in life that I wanna share with you:
The first is: If one door closes, there always is another one that opens and offers you new possibilities in life. Sometimes it takes you a while to see it, but in the end it’s always true.
The second one: You cannot control the waves in life, but you can learn to surf (by John Kabbat Zinn). And that is also very true. I hope this offers you a bit comfort. I whish you all the best for 2013 and hope you will be surrounded by your loved ones. Big hug!