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Candee ...

LOVE this! Your cakes are PERFECTION!
I am a follower of your on FB and on your personal page.
THe only thing is I sure wish there was a way to ask a question/send a message.
Do you have a price list? Very curious what you charge for your very cool sheet cakes.
Sheets are popular in my area but mine don’t hold a candle to yours.
What is the price for one of your sheets? Say a 9 × 13″ or a 12 × 18″ if you wouldn’t mind sharing.
Maybe I am way out of the ballpark…I was asking $35 for a 9 × 13″ and $50 for a 12 × 18″ as it’s very difficult
to make it worth my time and the mess it makes in my kitchen for anything less than that. I sure hope you see this and are able to answer. I’ve looked for pricing info on your FB and can’t find a thing nor how to go about ordering-as suggested by your home page. Does it just have to be a public post? Thanks.