Comment Chevron engagement cake

Soraya Avellanet ...

Hi 6bittersweets,
I have quilting rulers and they have 45 degree lines on them and they are see thru so that helps. All I did was cut out some strips, three to be exact, the width I wanted the stripes to be and left them stacked. Then turned the ruler to 45 degree mark and cut all three strips at the same time, then measured about 2" and cut at 45 degree angle again and kept doing that all the way down the strips. Then it’s just a matter of turning over every other piece to have the right angles together. Did that make sense? If not, let me know, I’ll see if I can post a little sketch.
Jessicakes blog also has a tutorial, wish I had seen it before I did this cake. I think her method of attaching them to wax paper first is ingenious. Must try that next time. It’s a great idea for any kind of horizontal or angled stripes not just chevron…anything kind of complicated, like adding words to a cake and getting the spacing perfect.