Comment Fondant cake with gumpaste roses

Kate ...

Bhahaha, you are too funny :)

I can’t even think what I colour I used – how bad is THAT! It always happens – I get a result I’m really pleased with and I think, ‘Oooo, I must write down how I did that…!’ and then, yeah, I don’t. Lol, it always happens with my filling measurements for different sized cakes – like how much to put in to get bang on 4" high. Bah to my brain – I am claiming the baby brain and dementia thing too. My baby might be 18 months old but I don’t see what that has to do with anything.

Ok, get back to the question Kate.

So, I am pretty sure it was straight up americolor AVACADO – if I added anything it would have been the americolor ELECTRIC GREEN but I really don’t think I did… Or maybe a bit of ELECTRIC YELLOW to brighten it up. Naw, I’m sorry I’m confusing the matter aren’t I….

Bah again! x