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Hi Raewyn I’m on the Gold Coast. Strangely, Modelling Chocolate was the 1st thing that I attempted. I think this is the recipe I used:- Modelling chocolate recipe
I have also tried SMBC using 1 2 3 method

I have even had a go at making my own fondant…..disaster! I can’t get over how expensive cake decorating supplies are here in Oz & the prices of courses are unbelievable. We have only 1 cake decorating suppliers here on the coast so they can charge what ever they like. Ebay has been a great source for me in getting cutters & the like.

What do you use for shortening? I have purchased Crisco here but it is around $11 for a very small can. Didn’t know if one could use copha instead?

I have just made a couple of gumpaste care bears for my daughters birthday cake for Friday.