Comment homemade silicone mold #1: tutorial

couturecakesbyrose ...

caking friends,’s a few more pointers to make sure that your first attempt in making homemade silicone molds will be successful..

if you’re going to make button silicone molds, you can also use those round cutters for the “dish” the round cutters on a piece of parchment paper or board, push your silicone mixture down to the bottom until it is flat then press your button to be molded face down to the silicone mixture, it hard enough to create a cavity that’s about 1.5 the depth of the original item you’re trying to make a mold of.

this tutorial did not use a sealant for the objects being molded because I only used very inexpensive pieces of metal jewelries. some are $1.00 a piece I got on sale from Michael’s :) I do not recommend using one of your expensive piece of jewelry to make a mold of as you run the risks of ruining that item,..if you must create a mold of your treasured piece of jewelry or any valuable items, use a sealant to protect the said item. sealant can be found on and cost $9.00 for an 8 oz container.