Ella's Rainbow Cake

Daily Top 3 - Mar 24, 2012

My 3 yr old saw a picture of a similar cake while I was on Pinterest and asked if I could make her a rainbow cake for her birthday. I was thrilled to see how vibrant the colors turned out and the look on her face when we cut into it was just priceless! :) I used a sour cream vanilla cake and gel food coloring. Covered in Satin Ice fondant. Decor on the outside are fruity twizzlers.

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Baker from The Epicurean Delight - Falls, PA


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Benni Rienzo Radic ...

Love the rainbows inside and the twizzlers outside! Great idea!

SarahBeth3 ...

Looks great! I recently did a Lego cake with four colors inside and I too was surprised at how easily I could get those vibrant colors. Don’t you just love it! Good work.

Tiffany Palmer ...

I love this!! Such a great idea with the twizzlers! Nice job.

Marianne Barnes ...

Wowee….amazing colours!! xXx

Bridgette ...

Do you have an agbay? Your layers are PERFECT! Cute cake :)

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Ella's Rainbow Cake