A Cupcake Bouquet

Daily Top 3 - Mar 19, 2012

I did this as a sample; feedback received was that the overall design was rather simple and needed more elements to make it look more complete.
I actually kinda love the simplicity of the design. Clean and fresh. But I guess I can try to spice it up a little bit.
What do you guys think?

Updated The second pic is the dolled up version of the same design. I still think that less is more :)

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Bito, Handmade with Love..just for you!, www.bunsintheoven.my


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Michal Bulla ...

I like the simplicity of the design too ;)

Sheryl BITO ...

thanks Michal! I have uploaded the ‘dolled up’ version :)
Let’s hope the client approves of version 1.1.

tortacouture ...

Oh I prefer the second picture – although the first one is also very nice, I just think the tissue paper finishes it off lovely!

Deema ...

simplicity is what makes it beautiful

thecupcakesalon ...

i actually like them both! not too much on the second one…still simple but at the same time elegant! well done!

Sheryl BITO ...

thank you tortacouture, Deema & thecupcakesalon. The dolled up version is growing on me :)

carolyn chapparo ...

This is beautiful!

Radhika ...

Love the first. The pink rosebuds stand out against the green. The second is lovely too, but looks like a bouquet.
I love the little vase too :)

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A Cupcake Bouquet