Pumpkin Cats

It’s been a very quiet month for me because of two reasons: 1) several cake orders fell through, and 2) I’ve been really bloody ill. Soo, I decided I wanted to make something simple, yet cute, just for the sake of it, because I was starting to feel a bit rusty. (Hehehe.)

The pumpkin cats were inspired by these gorgeous figures, which I sadly cannot afford to buy all of: http://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/83691024/halloween-pumpkin-black-cat-figurine-by?ref=favs_view_2 . Deciding to just directly copy the style was kind of like a warm up exercise – as trying to copy something which is already 3D is always less of a challenge than making a 3D figure from a 2D image -, before making something cooler (and original) next week. (Note: because it’s not my design, and because I respect and admire the artist, it’s not a style I’ll be using for my own gain.)

The inside is a banana flavoured rainbow layer cake, because I decided something sickly and colourful was needed.

The cake stand is actually a candle stick holder I bought from Asda for £3 (as opposed to the £40+ I’d have to spend for an /actual/ cake stand of a similar design), which I stuck to the bottom of a cake board.

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Xclusive ...

Nice concept, hope you are much better and now have more grease ( no more rust) to your elbows!

NooMoo ...


Sofia Costa (Cakes & Cookies by Sofia Costa) ...

so lovely! :)))

Goreti ...

Very cute—hope that you are feeling better

Gulnaz Mitchell ...

O, they so adorable! Love it!xoxo

miettes ...

Love it!!

Elli Warren ...

So pretty and sweet! hope your feeling better! :-)

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Pumpkin Cats