Summer Cupcakes (For the Vegans and the Dean Winchesters.)

Over the summer, I made some cupcakes for my friends. (Really though, I just wanted to bake some new flavours and needed people who were less biased than my family to try them.)

They all came out really well.

*Apple Pie cupcakes! (Aka The D(ean).) *The cake was full of grated apple and cinnamon; and was topped with a ring of vanilla SMB, which held a spoonful of baked apples and topped with (slightly overcooked) homemade pastry lattices.

Vegan strawberry lemonade cupcakes. The regular version was so good that I really wanted to try and successfully make a vegan version, too. Both the cake and the buttercream were flavoured with fresh strawberries and fresh lemon juice/zest.

(No photograph available – I didn’t think they looked pretty enough to take a photo of, hah!)

Vegan vanilla cupcakes. “Vanilla cakes are so boring, gosh.” NOPE. I followed the recipe in the ‘Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World’ recipe book, and these are hands down the best vanilla cupcakes I’ve ever eaten, the only improvement being that I need to find somewhere that sells shortening, so I can improve the structure of the buttercream.

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Goreti ...

yumm—the apple ones are calling out to me.

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Summer Cupcakes (For the Vegans and the Dean Winchesters.)