Surfer cake

Again, this is a cake from the Summer.

This cake was the first time I’d tackled chocolate ganache. Everyone says it’s scary, it goes wrong, white chocolate is the WORST, and colouring it? Forget about it! Because of all this scariness, and the fact I NEEDED a buttercream for the waves, but the fact that the birthday girl HATED the stuff, meant I had to just GO for it. I bought super thick double cream, and I think that REALLY helped. The colour took well, it set well, I had no problems!

In fact… It went too well.

That made me wary.

And so I should. Everything was great. The cake was done, boxed, waiting to be collected.

And I found my surfer on the floor of the box, with broken legs, the morning of the collection. I actually cried. I had four hours to fix this, so I had to say goodbye to how animated she looked, and had to wrap fondant around thick cake dowels just so she’d make it in one piece with soft fondant legs. (Because it was so late when I finished, I decided to wait until I had sunlight on my side to photograph it. THAT was a mistake – I don’t have any photos of her on the cake prior to the… injury.)

I wasn’t happy with them, but she was done. 2PM came and went… with no sign of the woman collecting the cake. My grandma came home with the message that the woman didn’t want the cake til tomorrow any more.

She didn’t even have the courtesy to tell me this herself, let alone in advance. Had she done so, I could have fixed the legs properly and been more happy with the finished result. I was sure to passively put that blame on her when she finally DID show up (four days later. WHY she wanted a birthday CAKE THAT EARLY before celebrations began I will NEVER know. I’m just glad the recipe I used keeps well! It was nearly a week old by the time the birthday girl got it, so can you imagine how gross a week old, un-fondanted cake would be if it wasn’t a recipe that kept well? Ugh.)

For comparison’s sake, here’s what she looked like before I went to bed:

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Surfer cake