Lemony 30th Birthday Cake

I simply loved making this cake. I love the combination of yellow and silver. Made back in July for a friend of a friend, the inside is a sticky lemon sponge cake. (Tip: I used home made lemon syrup – which had been in the fridge for several months – to flavour the cake. It was much sweeter, tangier, AND stickier than any other lemon cake I’ve ever made, and the cut offs were amazing… and I say this as someone who doesn’t like lemon cake!)

I loved how the flowers came out, they’re so earthy and wild – like I pulled them out of a meadow.

The cupcakes that accompanied the cake (photos below) were more varied: there were vanilla cupcakes (dressed in yellow and white ruffles), chocolate cupcakes, and strawberry lemonade cupcakes – which were filled with popping candy. The woman who wanted the cake said her friend LOVED sweets and wanted them on the cake, but as I couldn’t figure out how to do it tastefully, I instead thought popping candy (and the sprinkles under the vanilla ruffles) would make an adequate replacement. And they did!

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Very pretty!

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Lemony 30th Birthday Cake