Mortadella cake

Preamble: Mortadella is a large italian pork sausage, flavored with spices, including whole black pepper and pistachios. It is a typical product of the city of Bologna and it is really tasty.
My husband does not like cakes and sweets in general and this is obviously crushing my “baking pride” : ) He often says “Darling, your cakes are really lovely but I would rather prefer something savory like a sliced Mortadella…” Here you are, my darling, a mortadella, 41 years seasoned like you, to celebrate your birthday!!! Thank you for reading, looking and sharing a smile ;-)

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Kate Plumcake, Lake Como, Italy -


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Cakemummy ...

Wow, brilliant idea to calm the savage beast, haha. its perfect! :-)

Elli Warren ...

Meravigliosa Kate!! i love mortadella!! you did a great job! brilliant!! :-)

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal ...

Great job!!!! Well done!!! xxx

Julie, I Baked Some Cakes ...

Ha Ha, hope your husband enjoyed your joke and his birthday. Beautiful cake – made my mouth water! x

Kate Plumcake ...

Hi Kath!!! Actually my husband was a bit surprised, I think he desperatly hoped that at least the slices around the cake were made of mortadella and not fondant : )))))))

Kate Plumcake ...

Ciao Elli!!! Thank you so much, next time I will go for italian salami, bread and a good glass of wine, you are invited ;-)

Kate Plumcake ...

Thank you Ana, your comments are always apreciated!!!! xxx

Kate Plumcake ...

Ha! Ha! Thank you Julie, after a few seconds of surprise he started to laugh like all our friends, we had really fun with it : )))) at the end he had to admit that the cake was also good!!! Happy caking xxx

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Mortadella cake