Christmas Cake

Made this cake back in December 2010, yellow buttercake w/vanilla buttercream frosting. There was a bad story behind this cake. The customer that ordered the cake never showed to pick up the cake. We spoke on the phone 30min before we were to meet so she could pick up the cake and I waited an hour but she never showed. Not sure what happened that day but I know she was ok (alive) because we followed each other on facebook and she was still posting after she didn’t show. I called and left a message asking what happened, she never called back so I left it at that and learned a valuable lesson. Payment in full has to be made before cakes are picked up/delivered.

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Sweet Tooth Desserts


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Cakemummy ...

Lovely cake! Gee some people have got a hide haven’t they. Unbelievable! :-)

Carsedra Glass ...

Yes cakemummy (Kath) they really do!!! And thank you!!

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Christmas Cake