The Jewel Thief!

Cake made for the Cake Masters October Cover Contest. Unfortunately, I missed the deadline by a few hours :( lol

Back story: A ’’magician’’ who used to use cheap magic to distract people while stealing their money and jewelry, one day stole from who he thought was a helpless elderly woman. The woman, was in fact a voodoo witch. She casts a spell on the man, to get him to follow her home to a small cottage in the swamp. She kills him, and keeps his skull on display at her home. His skull is now used to hold the jewelry he once stole from others.

Tags: halloween birthday bar mitzvah skull scary voodoo

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Cosette ...

I love that you have such a detailed back story :)
Fantastic piece of art also, from the sculpting to the painting!

Gulnaz Mitchell ...

Love it! Perfect October cake!

Zoe White ...

Love it!

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The Jewel Thief!