Peter Pan Fantasy Birthday

This cake was made for a young lady’s 18th birthday…she loves Peter Pan! I made a vanilla sponge for the tree trunk, Peter Pan and a tiny tinkerbell are sitting watching the crocodile going after captain hook! X added lots of sparkling shimmer, which doesn’t pick up on the photos. Lots of fun doing this one :-)

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Lucy at Bedlington Bakery, Bedlington, Northumberland,


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La Lavande Sugar Florist ...

So adorable! I love all the details!

Lucy at Bedlington Bakery ...

Thank you so much Christine :-) xxx

Goreti ...

What a cutie!

Lucy at Bedlington Bakery ...

Thank you so much Goreti!! Xx it was a great cake to make :-) pics don’t show all the glimmer and sparkle tho :-( xx do u know if this one showed up in yr newsfeed? I posted it on Facebook and paid for promotion, but don’t think it’s been posted to my followers :-( have u ever had any problems with them? Xx

Fifi's Cakes ...

wonderful!! I love the detail! super job xx

Lucy at Bedlington Bakery ...

Thank you Fiona :-) you are so kind xx

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Peter Pan Fantasy Birthday